the progress of theoretical physics and cosmology

31 Jul

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Bohr was marked by reading Søren Kierkegaard and William James. For Einstein , it was Spinoza, Hume and Kant and Heisenberg was Plato. The physicist who was most deeply involved in philosophical investigations was probably Schrödinger. His vision of the world was close to the Indian philosophy of Vedanta.

Do you think that with the progress of theoretical physics and cosmology, we’re able to return to the days of Descartes and Leibniz (one could also say of Plato ‘s Aristotle ) where issues pure physical were explored on a par with philosophical and metaphysical questions by the same people? The FQXi is there a way to contribute to the unification of science and philosophy?

Max Tegmark: Draw a line between philosophy and science is somewhat artificial and, indeed, those who have been drawn have changed over time. So I do not think it’s necessary. Questions and theories that were at first philosophical, even metaphysical or mere speculation seemed destined to remain, such as the concept of the black hole , eventually become respectable fields of scientific research. With FQXi, we play a little role venture capital to provide funding to researchers who want to explore issues that may appear to be too speculative to receive funding. All scientists in the world can apply to receive money for their research projects.

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