the discovery of gravitational waves s inflation

31 Jul

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Futura-Sciences: On the Facebook page dedicated to your book of photos show you in the company of pioneers of the theory of inflation: Alan Guth, Andrei Linde, Renata Kallosh and Alex Vilenkin being especially celebrated in March 2014 results of Bicep2.

Recently, however, some researchers, such as David Spergel, have cast doubt on the interpretation that was made because of a possible underestimation of the role of galactic dust. What is your opinion on this?

Max Tegmark: This is a particularly exciting controversy. If the discovery of gravitational waves s inflation were to be confirmed it would be a revolution in cosmology and she deserves the award of a Nobel Prize. It should not take long to see clearer with the arrival of observations from Keck Array and especially the publication by Member Planck their own results on the polarization of the radiation fossil .

Futura-Sciences: The theory of multiple worlds changed the multiverse III deterministically although it seems to be governed by the laws of probability for an observer present in one of the branches of its history. The Copenhagen interpretation had exorcised the famous demon Laplace but it seems to come back strong with the Everett theory. If this is the case, our actions should also be determined.

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