The beauty of the archipelago of the Bahamas

31 Jul

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The beauty of the archipelago of the Bahamas, between the Caribbean Sea and the Sargasso is famous. It includes the famous blue holes, underwater caves formed by the collapse of the roofs of caves carved by erosion in a karst topography. These islands are actually the tip of a vast carbonate platform that has begun to form at least since the early part of the Cretaceous . Campaigns cores even allowed to find carbonate deposits dating from the Jurassic than 5 km deep. During the recent ice ages , sea levels being lower than 120 m, the plateau limestone now constituting the Bahamas Banks was therefore the air free and subject to erosion.

This explains Andros – a Bahamas archipelago consists of three main islands: North Andros, South Andros and Mangrove Cay – in addition to having the third longest barrier reef in the world (225 km) is also the site of a exceptional concentration of blue holes: 178 in the sea and at least 50 to earth . The most famous is that of Dean with a record depth of 202 m.

William Trubridge is probably the biggest diver in the world. Capable of impressive performance, it often results in the blue hole, Dean Bahamas. In this video, we see him beat the world record in free diving, constant weight without using fins. © Suunto, YouTube

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