How is it that we have yet to have a sense of free will?

31 Jul

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How is it that we have yet to have a sense of free will?

Max Tegmark: As in classical physics, we could actually assume the existence of an intelligence that has no limit to its computing power and having all the information completely specifying the state of the multiverse III at some point. It could then, as Laplace’s demon, knowing the entire future of the past as well as the multiverse. Regarding the impression of free will, my colleague at MIT, Seth Lloyd , published on arxiv an article on this subject. He first explains that although the laws of physics contained a fundamental randomness, it does not allow to conclude that we have a free will.

However, it then shows that even in a deterministic world, a person attempting to calculate what decisions it will take in the near future will be confronted with the limitations resulting from the theory of computability. Some of his decisions are even made inherently unpredictable. It draws arguments to explain how printing can emerge even free will in a deterministic world.

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