Gourmet cyanobacteria iron

31 Jul

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Gourmet cyanobacteria iron

In reaching this conclusion, the researchers looked at nearly 270 cores collected in marine sediments of the Great Bahama Bank over a period of three years. http://enjoycoloring.com/tag/beautiful/ In particular, they quantified the concentrations of two very specific trace elements, the iron and manganese . They found that the highest concentrations were in the west of the islands of Andros, where exactly is recognized training limestone suspensions in water that are called “whitings” in the jargon of Oceanographers Anglo-Saxon. These suspensions are the indirect result of the activity of certain cyanobacteria photosynthetic.

Because they set the nitrogen atmosphere, these bacteria require 10 times more iron than other photosynthetic organisms. In doing so, they cause the precipitation of calcium carbonate . The process leaves a mark in the sediment in the form of a isotope nitrogen 15 N. We can therefore establish a causal link between the enrichment of water by iron dust brought by the winds and the formation of carbonate sediments in the Bahamas. If the researchers are right, the dust-laden winds that originate over the dunes of sand in the Sahara shape entire archipelago to more than 8,000 miles away.

Geologists go further and talk about their hypothesis as a true paradigm shift. For them, other carbonate platform on the planet (and its history) have been born in the same way. This would explain the formation of those which appeared when he was not yet living organisms directly produce limestone.

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