ATV ( Automated Transfer Vehicle )

31 Jul

spiderman coloring sheetsIf it closes a chapter in the history of the European Space Agency, the fifth and final mission of the space cargo nevertheless preparing to open a new one, so his legacy will have strong implications in future stages of exploration human and robotic the Solar System .

If it is regrettable that there is not an ATV ( Automated Transfer Vehicle ) with next-generation, for example, the ability to return from orbit or adaptation to spaceflight, a number of space programs benefit , meanwhile, technological benefits of this program.

As explained Clervoy , Senior Advisor Astronaut on the ATV project, this “spacecraft is the most complex ever built by European industry” . If one were to summarize in one quote: “there must achieve automatically and autonomously, a target moving at a speed of 28,000 km / h at an altitude of about 300 km, with an accuracy of 10 cm and a relative velocity less than 7 cm / s ” . In fact, this accuracy was much better, and that on his first mission in March 2008 ( ATV Jules Verne ). The following missions have confirmed, when ATV docked with less than two inches from the perfect axis (specifications asked only ten centimeters!).

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